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Providing information to Tourists ,regular visitors and prospective visitors who will move to Rugby to live and work.

RUGBY was mentioned in the Doomsday Book  as follows An initial interpretation of the Domesday entry for "ROCHEBERIE" would be :- The Manor of Rugby(Rocheberie) was one of the estates of Thorkell of Warwick but was rented out to Edwulf for 50s ( approx. £2.50 ) per year. Before the conquest the manor was held by Edwin and had been worth 40s ( approx. £2.00 ) per year.  Rocheberie  name changed to Rokeby and then eventually RUGBY

Rugby is the home of Rugby Football but there are so many other great things about the Town if only you look.

.  RUGBY Town centre.

For information on Rugby relating to planning ,bylaws etc. Town Centre info

Rugby School is based at the top of the Town CV22 5EH  http://www.rugbyschool.co.uk/ .

Growing to a population of approx.100,000 Rugby Borough continues to grow and attract many people leading it to be very diverse in its population and thinking.

The popularity of sport and  keeping fit is a growing part of the base of the Town.

BikeFest 2018  Local events and dates

We continue to attract many different types of businesses which bring jobs.

A growing shopping area in the Leicester Road has attracted many major retailers.

We have a market on Mondays ,Fridays and Saturdays in Rugby Town Centre. Rugby was always classed as a market town because we have a CHARTER MARKET assigned by   King Henry 111  in the year of 1255  by statute.


The town continues to recover by attracting bespoke retailers.

THE ARNOLD HOUSE is also known as the Masonic Hall and part of it was originally The Arnold House school for girls.The Arnold House is a Grade II listed building. Formerly Rugby's first Finishing  School for Girls, it was bought in 1935 by the Freemasons. The property was extended with additional rooms added.


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